Postnuptial Agreement

Postnuptial agreement

Are you concerned that your marriage is in crisis, or are you just worried about the state of your union in the future? Possibly you have children from the previous marriage, or you have received an inheritance and or you bought other properties after you got married, and you want to protect your assets to ensure what you brought remains yours in the event of a divorce?

A postnuptial agreement, or briefly a (“postnup”) is a legal agreement made between individuals who are already married. The agreement usually sets out how the couple wish their assets to be divided between them if they later separate or divorce. Some postnuptial agreements also detail how the couple currently arrange their finances and how this will continue or change during the marriage.

Civil partners can also enter into a postnuptial agreement, usually referred to as a post-civil partnership agreement or a post-registration agreement. 

These are the most important things to know about postnuptial agreements:

  • A postnap lets you and your spouse decide how you will divide your assets if you break up in the future.
  • No two postnups are the same and your postnap can include any assets you want, such as property, business assets, inheritance, savings and even what happens to your pets.
  • Postnups aren’t legally binding, but they are certainly taken into consideration by family courts in England and Wales.
  • A judge will only enforce a postnap if they are satisfied that both people took independent legal advice before signing the postnap, the agreement is fair and reasonable and it meets the needs of the children (if there are any).
  • A postnup can help to avoid a potential 50/50 split of assets, including any that were acquired before the marriage.

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We are experts in postnups agreements, with more than seven years of experience helping clients. We helped hundreds of couples to prepare their postnups. This means that if you wish to put a postnup in place, we can advise you on the available options suitable for your particular circumstances:

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We can assist you with the following:

  • We can provide you with legal advice on the implications of signing a postnup.
  • Advise you on the financial information needed and a schedule setting out your respective financial positions.
  • Draw up your postnup to reflect the agreement you have reached with your partner.

We offer a free initial consultation, where we will advise you on the viability of your case, as well discussing the options which are available to you.

If you then choose to take your case forward with us, we can advise and assist you at all stages of the process. This will include drafting your postnuptial agreement by advising you on what to include.

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