Police Interview

If you are a victim of a crime or a suspect in a criminal investigation, for example, you were involved in an accident, a drink driving or speeding offence or an Assault occasioning Actual Body Harm (ABH or GBH) or domestic violence, you need legal assistance in providing a clear and accurate statement to the police about what happened. You may be emotionally distressed or traumatised and require support in articulating the details of the alleged offence to the police.

A solicitor’s assistance is often required for clients during a police interview for many reasons. As a firm of solicitors, we can provide this valuable assistance to our clients during a police interview in the following ways:

Legal Advice: We can offer expert legal advice to clients before and during the police interview. This includes explaining the rights, such as the right to remain silent or the right to legal representation. By understanding their legal position, clients can make informed decisions during the interview.

Preparation to interview: We can help clients prepare for the police interview by reviewing the case, gathering relevant information, and advising on how to present their side of the story effectively. This preparation boosts clients’ confidence and ensures they are ready to address any questions or concerns raised during the interview.

Presence at the Interview: If requested by the client, we can accompany them to the police interview. Our presence provides support and reassurance, and we can intervene if necessary to protect their rights. We can also take notes during the interview to ensure accuracy and identify any potential issues.

Ensuring Fairness: We ensure that the interview is conducted fairly and lawfully. We monitor the conduct of the interviewing officers, ensuring they adhere to proper procedures and respect the client’s rights. If any concerns arise during the interview, we can raise objections or request clarifications on behalf of the client.

Documenting the Interview: We take detailed notes during the interview to accurately record what transpires. This documentation is crucial in later stages of the legal process, such as preparing a defence or challenging any inconsistencies. It also helps ensure that the client’s version of events is accurately represented.

Post-Interview Support: After the interview, we provide further guidance to clients. This may include discussing the outcome of the interview, assessing its impact on the case, and advising on the next steps to take. Our ongoing support and advice help clients navigate the legal process effectively.

By providing comprehensive assistance before, during, and after the police interview, we ensure that clients’ rights are protected, their position is effectively presented, and they receive fair treatment throughout the legal process. Our expertise and support are invaluable in helping clients navigate this potentially challenging and high-stakes situation.

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