Commercial lease

Commercial leases are a complex area of property law where each side, the tenant and the landlord, have their own interests. We have experience of acting for both and therefore understand the need for balancing those competing interests in order to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Our clients come from different sectors, such as property developers, fashion companies, high-end restaurants with their particular requirements. We cater for their needs and take time to understand their interests in order to get the best deal possible for them.

In addition, as we speak several languages, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, it is often that we work with international clients who have businesses in the UK and abroad. Very often, our clients will ask us to make sure that their UK and international property portfolios are balanced.

We assist our clients with:

  • Lease negotiation and drafting;
  • Lease review and due diligence;
  • Lease renewals and amendments.

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What Our Clients Say

Competent and efficient and very pleasant to deal with. Ginna Dow

Why Choose Us?

  • You will have a dedicated senior member of the team who will be your primary point of contact. He will take time to understand your particular business needs and ensure that they are properly reflected in the lease. We explain difficult legal concepts in simple terms and put our client’s interest first and foremost.
  • We have a big-firm expertise and a friendly and personalised boutique-firm approach. We are happy to have an initial consultation about your project and provide you with tailored advice.

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